Is Carlos Vera L. on Vibraphone, Jeff Miles on Guitar and Rodrigo Recabarren on drums. This baseless trio has a distinct and unique sound. Their debut album “Borderfall” has been cataloged as one of the best releases of 2012 by Trio started in 2011 when Rodrigo and Carlos decided to perform without bass and investigate the possibilities this strange marriage of instruments might deliver. Jeff joined a year later, just before the recording of “Borderfall” in February 2012. Recorded at Mighty Toad Studios in Brooklyn, NYC, NY, “Borderfall” (Discos Pendiente DP17) was released worldwide in 2013 during a summer tour of Chile, where the band collaborated in a live performance with illustrator Frannerd (who imagined the artwork for the album), and later in New York City, where the press received the album with praise.